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Jia and Lissa are out and about in the city and enjoying a girlie evening out. While travelling on the bus, a hot black guy gets on, leaving the girls daring each other to go and speak to him. Will this chance meeting culminate in a night together they will find hard to forget?
  • Release Date December 20, 2018
  • Length 45:03
  • Pics 121
While she is getting ready for a night to remember, Ivy's boyfriend calls to check on her plans. As far as he is aware she is getting ready for a girlie night with a good friend - however, the truth is, she has something far more exciting on the menu.
  • Release Date January 2, 2019
  • Length 51:05
  • Pics 111
Tori has hooked up with a really hot guy at a party after missing her flight home from the city. After passing off her boyfriend, Tori decides that this is an opportunity just too good to miss.
  • Release Date July 26, 2018
  • Length 37:15
  • Pics 62
Jill is in the big city and looking for fun - and she's found it. After having a disagreement with her boyfriend at a club, she is left all alone - that is until she is approached by a sexy stranger who gives her an alternative outcome for her evening.
  • Release Date August 15, 2018
  • Length 41:49
  • Pics 59
Riley and her BFF Jane are planning the evening, which includes Riley giving her boyfriend something he craves the most. This may well be the best birthday surprise ever.
  • Release Date December 28, 2018
  • Length 49:03
  • Pics 120